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Applied Arts and Crafts in Seine-Maritime

Applied arts and crafts are an asset composed of a variety of know-how and skills acquired through training and often passed on generations.
Clay, glass, wood, leather, stone, metal, textile, etc., craftsmen often have in common this passion for material being worked on and transformed.
They are involved in heritage restoration, traditional production or the creation of unique works of art.
The purpose of this book is to show the diversity and merit of the craftsmen working in the applied arts and crafts in Seine-Maritime and, through the material they use, their personalities, their career paths, their fields of expertise and stories about their jobs.
The book is sorted by field of expertise or material and then by occupation. There is an index to search for craftsmen and locate them on a map.
This book will help owners of heritage assets, professionals and private individuals looking for authenticity and quality to find the right artisan.
It will also be a source of discovery for young people who might be interested in these jobs, and might contribute to the creation of new vocations. 
Presentation 119 craftsmen in fifty crafts : their specialties, their career paths, their training, their passions ...




Download the pdf version (31 Mo)

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